IAP (Independent Agribusiness Professionals) is an alliance of 36 independent agricultural chemical/fertilizer dealers throughout the United States with combined agricultural input sales in excess of $2.4 billion annually.

IAP owner outlets are strategically located across the U.S., with over 550 retail locations that employ over 2,000 licensed PCA’s (Pest Control Advisors) and CCA’s (Certified Crop Advisors). Growers rely heavily on these highly-trained crop professionals to check crops and write product use recommendations in areas of weed, insect, and disease control, crop fertility, and precision-farming technologies.

IAP was formed in 1991, to guarantee the economic viability of the independent agricultural chemical distributor/dealer, as well as to ensure the highest standards of environmental compliance, financial responsibility, and professional marketing in agribusiness.

IAP’s objective is to maximize the purchasing position of its owner companies in order to compete more efficiently in a consolidating agricultural input market place.

IAP offers its customers, suppliers, and owners important capabilities and benefits. Suppliers doing business with IAP have access to a significant market share, comprised of virtually all major crops grown in the United States.

IAP supports agriculture and the crop protection industry. IAP owners are industry leaders and serve as officers and board members of national, state, and local agricultural organizations.

Six western retail distributors and United Suppliers, Inc., (United Suppliers™) are announcing the pending formation of Aligned Ag Distributors LLC (Aligned Ag Distributors™), a joint venture distribution company.  Aligned Ag Distributors is being formed to handle the crop protection purchasing and supplier program needs of the owners of Franklin Holding Company LLC (Franklin Holding Company™).  Aligned Ag Distributors will be co-located with United Suppliers in Ames, Iowa, and is expected to be fully operational October 1, 20​​15.

Franklin Holding Company is being founded by six retail distributors located in the western U.S. including The McGregor Company, The Tremont/Lyman Group, Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Buttonwillow Warehouse Company, Butte County Rice Growers Association, and Land View/Two Rivers Terminal Group.  These companies will continue to operate as independently owned and operated businesses, however, their crop protection divisions will now be formally aligned under the umbrella of Aligned Ag Distributors.  The new distribution company plans to seek membership in IAP (Integrated Agribusiness Professionals) which will further enhance the strength of the new organization.   

United Suppliers is a well-known agricultural crop input distributor headquartered in Ames, Iowa, serving 628 retailers in 19 states and 3 Canadian provinces and will continue to serve its owners and customers in a similar manner.  CEO Brad Oelmann was quoted as saying, “We are excited about the opportunity to be partnering with a group of other distributors in order to create greater efficiencies and more value for our collective owners.”

Four New Members Added to Aligned Ag Distributors

AMES, IA (8/01/2015) – Aligned Ag Distributors LLC (Aligned Ag Distributors™) has announced the addition of four new customer/owners to Franklin Holding Company LLC.  They are: The Lyman Group, Inc. of Woodland, CA, Willard Agri Service, Inc. of Frederick, MD, Colusa Country Farm Supply, Inc., of Williams, CA, and Centennial Ag Supply, Co. of Kersey, CO. Aligned Ag Distributors was formed earlier this year and is a joint venture distribution company owned by Franklin Holding Company LLC and United Suppliers, Inc.

All ten owners of Franklin Holding Company LLC are independently owned and operated businesses, however, their crop protection divisions are formally aligned under the umbrella of Aligned Ag Distributors.  “Each of our new owners operate sizeable and highly reputable retail distribution businesses that have much in common with those of our founding owners.  We are delighted to have them join Franklin Holding Company LLC and become part of the Aligned Ag Distributors network,” said Steve Watts, Chairman of Franklin Holding Company and CEO of Aligned Ag Distributors.  “This is an important next step in our quest to eventually align with and support the most influential retailers throughout the U.S.”