Colusa County Farm Supply has an established full-time research and technical department dedicated to evaluating the latest agricultural concepts for manufacturers, CCFS fieldmen and CCFS growers. Our CCFS research design is to understand a new concept’s potential prior to commercial registration so it can be quickly adopted once registration is achieved. Product performance, crop response, yield and grower economics are major segments in determining a concept’s value in our business area. These concepts include crop protection chemicals, nutritional programs, plant growth regulators, product risk assessment (i.e. Off target concerns) and imagery. Our CCFS research studies are designed as “forecasting platforms” so that our CCFS fieldmen and management can easily understand the new concept and if needed, accurately forecast the material for future commercial use. Our primary crops for testing are rice, processing tomatoes, almonds and walnuts. CCFS Research conducts approximately 130 trials annually.

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