We were established in 1973 to provide fertilizer to meet local grower needs. Grower interest and demand lead us to add crop protection and chemical products.  In 1990, we became a partner of the Tremont Group, which strengthened our competitive position in our service area.  In 1992 we formed a C-Corp of grower-owners so we could expand our services and flexibility to meet grower needs and became the fully integrated agribusiness we are today.  We also became a proud owner of IAP, a move that enabled us to compete in price and products with even the largest of competitors in our industry. As of 2015, Colusa County Farm Supply was added to the Aligned Ag Distributors association. This further allows us to be among the most influential and reputable retailers of agribusiness in the nation.

Service Area

Our main facility is located in Northern California near the town of Williams. The newly built and operational facilty is located nearby Artois. The majority of our business is done within a 50 mile radius of our main facility and encompasses Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, Yolo as well as surrounding counties.


We strive to be a contributing part of our communities through our support for local charities, Fire Departments,  and County Fairs. We are committed to being a part of the solution for responsible stewardship of our precious environment. We are environmentally sensitive to our region including fish and wildlife-friendly habitats. Being proactive in the protection and enhancement of our ecosystems is part of the ongoing work we do as a regional agri-business company.

Our Values:

  • Working hard with efficiency, capability, and maintaining a lively attitude while doing what we do best.
  • Teamwork that gets more done at the end of the day, with less stress and more harmony between us all.
  • Treating everyone with respect and understanding – our employees, customers, our vendors, suppliers both old and new friends.
  • Honesty and integrity are always the best way to do business and are the foundation of strong leadership and success.  We will continue doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Business Focus

Our purpose is to serve the needs of a regional, diversified base of farmers and ranchers. Our exceptional service, recommendations, products and supplies contribute significantly to their success and profitability.  We strive to earn the grower’s trust in us as a valued partner in their overall success.  Our mission is to provide the best in crop protection products and services.  Our PCA/CAA advisors guide our growers for maximum crop production, so that together, we both achieve success. We carry out our mission with a spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood often lacking in today’s modern business climate. We aim to be a well respected company in our industry, an integral member of our farmers’ winning team, and a company our employees value being a part of.

Investments & Growth

We grow as a company through the investments we make in:

  • Our people and the experience, specialized knowledge, talent and skills they add to our company.
  • Equipment, products and technology that meet farm needs today and anticipated needs in the future.
  • Crop-input, storage and blending capacity, on-site products, farming equipment and hardware necessary to meet grower daily needs and lifestyles.
  • Supplies, transportation and other needed resources to carry out our mission.
  • Our newly added Research & Technology Division has been a huge asset to our company by providing our growers and PCA/CCA a first hand look at new technologies and chemistry in crop protection and how to properly maximize their potential.

We uphold our investments with our committed staff and the continuous development of solid, fruitful relationships with our customers, business partners, communities and friends.


We pride ourselves in service that exceeds expectations and is a vital part of the success and profitability of our growers and production agriculture in our region.